Fairtradegames.com is an interactive online platform of didactic games about Fairtrade and Responsible Consumption created by the NGO Mundo Ético in 2019.
As Mundo Ético our main line of work is Education for Development, and within it, we take into account the awareness and training on Fairtrade and Responsible Consumption, which we develop under a very particular point of view.

In awareness raising we also have our own vision, always looking for originality, aesthetics, coherence and strength of our activities, creating positive messages, with a simple language and an attractive image.



Mundo Ético Association is a non-profit association registered in the register of NGOs of the Castilla y León council, created in 2012, with the fundamental idea of seeking a fairer, more committed, more critical, more responsible and happier society. At Mundo Ético we are closely linked to the world of culture and communication, and we use these tools to achieve our goals.
As a cross-cutting theme in Mundo Ético we focus on Fairtrade and Responsible Consumption, because we understand that it is an easy, viable and visible way in which everyone, within our daily lives, can be part of the change. We believe in the individual and collective power of people and, where appropriate, consumers.

What are Mundo Ético’s activities?


  • Raising awareness and promoting Fairtrade and Responsible Consumption.
  • Designing and producing educational and awareness materials.
  • Supporting small businesses and the market with ethical and sustainable values.
  • Offering free cultural, sports and leisure activities.
  • Implementing projects of International Cooperation for Development, mainly in the Dominican Republic and Mozambique.
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