Fairtradegames.com is a completely free web with the sole objective ofeducating people to be better in the future, and to make it as fun as possible, so they learn by playing.
It is an open project and subject to your participation in it.

We need:


Games developers

You can help us grow our catalogue.

Language translators

The website is not in your language? You can help us reach more people

Teachers and schools

You are the key to our project, you can use the tool with your students and give us your opinion to improve.


Teach your children values with our games, your role is fundamental.

NGOs and Associations

You can use our educational tool in your activities, union is strength and together we can build a society more aware and sensitive to different inequalities and more participative in search of a fairer world.

Companies and institutions

You can become a sponsor or collaborator of our project. This contribution will be key to continue implementing games and making them available to many more children.


And any other way you think you can be a part of this project.

Write us at info@fairtradegames.com