Alphabet Wheel

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Through this game we will be able to make our students reinforce essential concepts of fair trade in a fun and entertaining way. The objective will be to complete the wheel of questions correctly, but they will also have the option of passing the word when they need it. This game will be the perfect way to consolidate the knowledge of fair trade that has been previously worked in class.

Age: From the 4th grade of Primary Education

We could not leave out a version of the traditional and well-known Alphabet Wheel game, which we obviously link to the learning of Fair Trade!
This game consists of guessing all the words. Each of the words corresponds to a letter of the alphabet, placed in a circle, and for each one the game offers a clue or definition that will help you find out the concept. In each case, the word may contain, begin or end with that letter.
You will have 350 seconds to decipher the whole wheel, you will be able to answer or pass the word and use the remaining time!
Are you up for the challenge?