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Crossword puzzles are a valuable resource for reinforcing attention. They allow us to expand and review the vocabulary we have been working on, in this particular case, the vocabulary related to fair trade.
The game offers 3 different versions to work with: Fair Trade food, specific vocabulary and the principles of fair trade. The latter would be aimed at the last years of Primary Education.

Age: Primary School

An excellent game that consists of filling in letters from blank boxes so that when read horizontally and/or vertically they form words related to Fair Trade and match the images or descriptions given.
We will measure the time you need to solve it and the mistakes, try to get the best score.
This is a great game to learn and have fun.

Fair Trade foods

Are you able to identify these Fair Trade foods from the pictures?

Fair Trade concepts

Easy crossword that includes some concepts that can be related to Fair Trade.

Fair Trade Principles

Crossword with definitions, aimed at getting to know the Fair Trade principles