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Fair Trade languages:
This activity is aimed especially at the last years of primary school, as they are able to recognize and locate on the map countries of the world, especially in Europe, and the language spoken in each of them. Therefore, this activity is perfect for working the location of European countries on the map (Spain, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and Finland) and the language spoken in them.  This activity will be perfect to reinforce the contents of the area of knowledge of the environment and social sciences, through the common thread of the concept of fair trade.

Fair Trade cities:
This game allows us to work on fair trade with students from the 3rd grade of Primary Education, which already begin to locate cities on the map of Spain. In addition, through this game, we will be able to know which cities have received the title of city for fair trade.

The price of chocolate:
This activity allows us to become aware of the profits obtained and distributed from the sale of a product. With this game, we will be able to discover what percentage is destined to each thing (taxes, supermarket profits, transport…) when the product is not sold fairly. We will be able to establish a comparison between the profits that a producer obtains when a fair sale takes place, and to discover what happens when a normal sale is made.

Age: Second and third period of Primary School. (3rd – 6th grade of P.E.)

These three games consist of clicking on the parts of the image that you think answers the question at all times. With this game you will learn a lot about Fair Trade in Spain.
You will only have four attempts for each question, if you do not spend them all you will get 100 points, we will also measure the time you need to solve it.
This is a great game to learn and have fun.

Fair Trade Languages

Imagine you travel to other countries. Would you be able to identify the words “Fair Trade” in other languages? We dare you to place them on the map.

Fair Trade Cities

All these cities have received the title of “City for Fair Trade”. Would you know how to locate them on the map?

The price of chocolate

In traditional commerce the benefits are usually distributed in an unfair way. Are you able to guess the percentage of money used in each thing when there is no Fair Trade?