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Fair Trade products: This first game can be used from the last years of preschool to work on associations (images-text), this way we can also expand vocabulary on food products and fair trade.

Ethic Seals: (second and third period of Primary School)
With this game we can work on fair trade concepts, such as ethic seals, and find out what each of them means. By means of an image-content association, the students will remember the meaning of each of these seals.

Countries that produce and import cooffee: (third period of Primary School)
This game can be framed within the scope of work of the social sciences, since we reinforce the task of locating the countries of the world and this allows us to know, in turn, what is cultivated in each of them, as well as which countries import raw materials from others. Through this game we can also expand specific vocabulary (import-export-produce) basing this work on the fundamental concepts of fair trade.

Fair Trade characteristics: (Third period of Primary School)
En This activity is aimed at the last years of primary school, since there are more complex concepts and vocabulary. The main goal of this game is that children learn to define and recognize which are the main characteristics of fair trade.

Age: Primary Education period. The fair trade products game can also be played by preschool students.

This game is about answering the questions that the game makes by clicking on the corresponding squares; in some cases matching pictures with names and in other cases marking the ones you consider to be the correct answer to the question asked at the beginning of the game.
You will have four attempts for each game, if you get everything right in the first attempt you will get 100 points, we will also measure the time you need to solve it.
This is a great game to learn and have fun.

Fair Trade products

Matching game to identify different Fair Trade products

Ethic Seal certification

Match each of these ethic seals with what it certifies. Did you know it? Do some research about it.

Do they buy or produce coffee?

Are you able to identify the countries that produce coffee? And the ones that don’t? Select only the answers requested.

Fair Trade characteristics

Are you able to choose the characteristics that distinguish Fair Trade? Select only the answers requested.