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Our ethical version of the classic game Memory allows us to always work with the key contents of fair trade. There are two versions available, one more focused on the infantile stage and the first courses of primary education (ethicmonsters Memory) and a second version focused on the stamps of fair trade for all ages.
With this game we will also be reinforcing and developing the ability of our students to concentrate and pay attention, as well as visual memory and problem-solving skills.

Age: Preschool and Primary School

An ethical version of the Memory cards game!
This game consists of turning the cards upside down in pairs, in order to find the matching illustration, so you have to pay close attention and find them in the shortest possible time and as few attempts as possible.
It’s a lot of fun and you will develop your reflexes and memory, while learning concepts and products related to Fair Trade.

Ethicmonsters Memory

Find the matching Ethicmonsters!

Fair Trade Memory

Find the matching Fair Trade cards!