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This game offers 8 different types of puzzles. They all have in common the theme of fair trade. In this activity we will also be promoting and developing skills such as observation, attention and concentration. On the other hand, this particular game allows us to develop spatial vision and cognitive skills, since key concepts are learned, in this case about fair trade.
In addition, in the case of preschool children, we will be working on fine psychomotricity and visual-manual coordination, as it requires precision with the computer mouse and the screen.
Age: Preschool and Primary Education

Have fun with this series of Puzzles in which you will have to complete pictures of the Ethicmonsters doing different activities, with which to learn and share about Fair Trade and Responsible Consumption. You will have to assemble the nine pieces in the square on the left and you will be able to do it as many times as you need to get the best possible time!

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