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Through this set of activities we can offer different resources to strengthen the concepts of fair trade while trying to find the right answer on the principles of the Fair Trade and recognizing the seals that guarantee that a product is indeed Fair trade. On the other hand, we will be able to work on recycling, since it is one of the fundamental pillars of responsible trade, for this we will have to know how to deposit each piece of waste in its correct container.


Age: Primary Education

In the games below, we have different sets of questions related to Fair Trade.
Just like any trivia or quiz, you have to answer the questions by clicking on the corresponding answer squares.
This is a great game to learn and have fun.

Choose the correct answer

Between the two possible options, choose the answer that best defines Fair Trade

Fair Trade principles

Very easy questions to revise the Fair Trade principles

Is it Fair Trade or not?

Are you able to tell if these seals certify Fair Trade products?

Fair Trade Trivia

Compilation of questions about Fair Trade

In which waste container does this go?

Recycling is one of the three “R”s that are part of responsible consumption. In which waste container would you throw each of these materials?